back yard work with Spydercrane

A traditional crane probably isn’t the first tool you think of to get lifting work done in your back yard, but a mini-crane is actually the perfect equipment for almost any job. Want to to lift in a new hot tub on your deck, move a shed, or assemble a glass enclosure in your back yard? Think mini-cranes.

Because of their narrow width (this one pictured below is just 24 inches wide) and low ground pressure weight, they can be driven through a small gate or along an existing sidewalk without fear of damaging the surface.

Consider the versatile mini-crane for your next back yard job – the possibilities are endless:

  • putting in a gazebo
  • lifting patio stones and bricks
  • moving large rocks or flagstones
  • installing windows in the back of the house
  • all kinds of landscaping
back yard work with Spydercrane

This Spydercrane fits easily in this small space, lifting the top of the glass enclosure with ease.

Spydercrane back yard work

Spydercrane mini-cranes allow for all sorts of new project possibilities for back yard construction and landscaping.

Spydercrane at work in a back yard

Check out Spydercrane in this small yard. It’s able to lift and move materials with ease – to make your back yard project faster and easier.

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