Customize your equipment to fit the job

Lifting attachments allow you to customize existing equipment (mini- or traditional cranes, forklifts, etc.) to efficiently and safely lift whatever materials you need.

Add the right attachment to your existing mini or traditional cranes, forklifts, etc. and it will operate at its peak. Lift glass panes, wall panels, rocks, monuments, slabs or barriers more safely and efficiently.

Kenco Lifting Attachments

Since 1984, Kenco has provided quality, durable attachments for every aspect of the construction industry. Engineered and manufactured in Southwestern Pennsylvania, Kenco products are renowned for their rugged construction and strength.

Wirth ``Oktopus`` Vacuum Lifters

Wirth GmbH specializes in vacuum-based lifting equipment and installation systems for a variety of applications. German-engineered and manufactured, Wirth OKTOPUS® equipment is known for quality, reliability and excellent safety standards for over 25 years.