Mini-cranes are built to gain you access to places you can’t get to with traditional cranes and pickers.

Compact and easy to maneuver, mini-cranes allow you to get your lifting job done safely, more efficiently, and in less time.

  • Compact & Lightweight – Fit through either a single or double doorway, are easily transported, allow for multi-level use, and won’t damage sensitive floors.
  • Safe – Safety and stability monitoring systems, and remote operation allows for precision work in all applications and locations.
  • Versatile – Endless applications for indoor, outdoor and rooftop spaces – new construction, existing infrastructure, garage/shop, backyards, alleyways, cemeteries, and commercial and industrial maintenance.

Jekko mini-cranes are manufactured in Italy using high resistance steel to ensure maximum lifting capabilities. Lightweight and compact, these cranes can handle a wide variety of jobs, and are loaded with safety features, including “Jemmi”, Jekko’s enhanced LMI system.


Manufactured by UNIC, Spydercranes are renowned for their mobility, reliability, and ease of operation. Engineered to the highest standards in design, durability and safety, these multi-purpose hydraulic cranes can handle a broad variety of loading operations.