Save time. Lower costs. Increase safety.

Burnt Timber Lifting Solutions is a full-service provider of lifting solutions for small and limited access spaces. We provide the equipment and expertise to help you run your projects more effectively and efficiently.

Equipment Sales & Rentals

We can help you choose the ideal machine or lifting attachment for the work you need to get done. Whether you have a small job or a large project, Burnt Timber offers a wide variety of sales and rental options to best suit your needs. Hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rentals are available – with or without an operator.

Full Service, Parts & Repair

We are a full service, parts and repair provider, supporting our customers, locally, across the life of their machinery, not just at the time of purchase. You can bring your equipment to us or we can come to you. Often, maintenance can be done right on location.

Our Preventative Maintenance packages and service agreements will help keep your equipment in optimal condition for years to come. We also keep an extensive parts inventory for the equipment we sell, so you can get back to work quickly and reduce costly down time.

To enquire about parts or service, contact us today at or 1-84-GO-SPYDER.


We provide online training so you and/or your workforce can operate the equipment safely and efficiently. Whether you need a simple demonstration, on-side equipment familiarization training, more comprehensive online training, or assistance with a particular project, Burnt Timber can help.

If a classroom setting is what you’re looking for, we offer an in-class version of Safe Slinging & Rigging through Crane Safety Ltd. for mini-crane orientation, comprehensive safety training and competency testing.

We can also customize comprehensive classroom training through this partnership. Please contact Crane Safety directly at 1-780-464-1776 to discuss your particular needs.

See below for all of the online training available through our website, or call us to arrange for on-site assistance at 1-84-GO-SPYDER.

Burnt Timber Lifting Solutions Features & Benefits
  • Specialists

    • We specialize in mini-cranes and other equipment for limited access locations.
    • Mini-cranes aren’t a sideline – they’re the entire focus of our business.
  • Experienced

    • We know how to operate the machines we sell – we provide demos and assist with solutions on a variety of projects and sites.
    • We know the equipment’s full capabilities – and can help you maximize its effectiveness – in set up and operation.
  • We service what we sell

    • We provide comprehensive support for the life of your machinery.
    • We maintain an inventory of parts so they’re locally available to you when you need them most, avoiding costly delays.
  • Western Canadian Provider

    • Two locations in Alberta, one in Saskatchewan.
    • We know how the equipment operates in our own environment (cold and snow).
  • Network of Owner/Operators

    • Our network is ready to support you with equipment or services – so you get local access to expertise and assistance.
    • We are continuously working to expand our network to help provide you with greater equipment access at lower cost.