Compact, versatile and loaded with safety features, the Spydercrane URW295 is the best combination of size, accessibility and capacity available on the market today. Ideal for working in interior or tight spaces.

  • Lifts up to 6450 lbs. at 4.6 feet (2920 kg at 1.4 metres)
  • Fits through a standard doorway
  • 360-degree continuous rotation
  • Allows for remote control operation
  • Widest range of power sources available
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Spydercranes are loaded with standard safety features such as anti-two block system, automatic hook stow system, over-winding prevention, minimum wire rope automatic stop, working area limitation, hydraulic circuit pressure relief valve, and a hook safety latch.

The URW295 also features Spydercrane’s patented Turn-Over Protection System. It reduces the chances of injury by monitors ground-bearing pressure at each outrigger, and sounding an alarm and restricting any unsafe crane functions.


Spydercrane’s unique design permits each outrigger leg to be adjusted independently, which allows the crane to be levelled on uneven surfaces. The URW295 has a total of 52 outrigger positions for versatility and maximum lifting capabilities.


Spydercrane’s hexagonal shaped boom design makes for increased rigidity, greatly reducing sway and increasing both accuracy and safety in crane operations. An onboard self-diagnostic system continuously monitors the crane’s operating status to help reduce downtime by providing complete service diagnostics.


We offer a wide variety of attachments and other equipment that will customize your lifting equipment for the job at hand. Increase the usability and versatility of your crane, and get the most out of your equipment.


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