The SPX527CDH is a versatile and powerful mini-crane, easy to manoeuvre and operate. Manufactured with high resistance steel, Jekko mini-cranes are comparatively lightweight, so they are able to work on all types of production floors without damaging them. Ideal for interior and tight spaces, work on construction sites, in steel erection, glass installation, shopping malls, and exhibition and stadium spaces.

  • Lifts up to 5940 lbs. (2700 kg)
  • Hydraulic luffing jib available for increased radius
  • Diesel or battery powered (optional electric power pack available)
  • Also available: Jibs to increase reach to 17.5 metres
  • Pick and carry capability of 1100 lbs. (500 kg)
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Jekko mini-cranes have some of the most advanced safety features around. Most models include Jekko’s innovative and enhanced LMI system called Jemmi. It helps to check the lifted load, and controls boom position and stability so crane operators can safely work in narrow and restricted areas. Jemmi also features a two-way communication radio remote control to monitor crane movements and receive real-time feedback about machine conditions and possible alarms.


Jekko mini-cranes are built to be lightweight, and their unique design allows their weight to be better distributed across the floor. This allows for easy transportation, the ability to work on most flooring surface without damaging it, and safe operation on uneven or tiled surfaces.


Specially designed and manufactured from high resistance steel, Jekko mini-cranes are constructed to be as strong as possible. Renowned for their high uplifting capacity, they are particularly effective when lifting at a higher distance.


We offer a wide variety of attachments and other equipment that will customize your lifting equipment for the job at hand. Increase the usability and versatility of your crane, and get the most out of your equipment.


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