Introduced in 2014, the TL63A has all the versatility of the LEO Series – with upgrades. It’s faster, more agile and provides the operator with almost 40′ of horizontal reach with a 2 person, 550 lbs corner mounted basket. The TL63A offers an “In the Basket” interactive display console which provides the operator with real time guidance in machine functionality. This system also provides a one button “Coming Home” function which returns the boom system to the stowed position automatically. Additionally, the TL63A comes standard with a cable remote control system with full machine control from the ground – drive, outrigger deployment and boom operation.

  • Compact design, travels through a standard double door
  • 62 ft 10 in Platform height, 68 ft 10 in Working Height
  • Light, low surface load for use on sensitive flooring
  • Reliable and comprehensive safety control system
  • Articulated design with two independently operable telescopic booms
  • Onboard diagnostics
  • Setup on slopes up to 30%
  • Dual power for operating indoor and outdoor
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With Teupen, worker safety is a guarantee. Intelligent control logic and superior design and construction provide an extremely smooth and accurate lift operation.
• Rigid boom operation, precise electric control
• Hoses and wires routed through the boom
• Computer-monitored, integrated safety system
• Designed, built and tested to ANSI and CSA standards


Teupen makes lightweight machines for working in areas with floor load restrictions or sensitive surfaces—such as hardwood, tile and grass. Machines also collapse to a compact size for maximum portability from one job to the next.
• Low ground pressure — less than 100 psf surface load
• Rubber, non-marking tracks
• Weighs one-third the weight of similar machines


Whether uneven, sloped or tight, complicated surfaces and small work areas are no problem. The LEO-series has automatic, self-leveling outriggers, height and width adjustable tracks, and is ready to work in just a few minutes with the push of a button. Whether craning to the top of a building, entering narrow access points, setting up on steep slopes or navigating high-end tile surfaces, the LEO offers the best solution.


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