Perfect for picking up concrete pads or similar solid blocks, this ML3000 Multilift model has a 3000 pound capacity attachment with legs that can be adjusted up to 30 inches wide.

Simply hang it from any machine with lifting capabilities with a shackle and sling (not included). Just by pulling the cotter pins and sliding, the legs can be placed to the desired width of the block to be lifted. The cotter pins are then reinserted. The Multilift has an automatic actuator that causes the legs to grip the concrete as it is lowered onto the pad, and will not release until it is set firmly into position. The legs can be removed and reconfigured to meet several different applications.

Uses an Actuator, small and 4″ X 10″ elastomer pads.

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Product Compatibility

This lifting attachment works efficiently and effectively with a variety of mini-crane models we offer. Increase the usability and versatility of your crane, and get the most out of your equipment.

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