Burnt Timber Lifting Solutions is a full service provider of small cranes, lifting equipment and related tools that allow you to work effectively and efficiently in small, limited clearance and restricted access spaces. We provide sales, rentals, service and training for mini-cranes and other lifting equipment.

Whether you need a mini-crane to lift something, or a man lift to give you access, we can provide the equipment and experience to get the project completed safely, efficiently, and on time. You save on both labour costs and material expenses.

Our mini-cranes and man-lifts have been purpose-built with lift points that allow them to be safely lifted or lowered to areas where they are required. Because of their small size and weight, they can gain access through existing doorways, gates and hallways that traditional crane and lifting equipment can’t get to.

Work in a multitude of locations that used to require expensive, time-consuming, manual labour options to perform the task — inside buildings, in back yards, garages, mechanical rooms, foyers, malls, theatres, hospitals, etc.